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Company History


1853 Acme Print Co. established in Boone County, KY.

1894 Spinoff from Acme founded as the Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co.

1923 Dutch Kaeser and Bill Blair purchased Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co.

1924 Name changed and incorporated in the State of Ohio as Kaeser & Blair, Inc.

1925 Began selling products through independent dealers - the start of the Kaeser & Blair family of dealers.

1926 First dealer sales catalog produced.

1934 Installed new state-of-the-art printing equipment and doubled capacity of office space.

1944 Purchased 47,000 square foot printing facility and office on Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati - home to Kaeser & Blair
for the next 46 years.

1947 Contracted with Disney to manufacture and offer special Disney character calendars.

1951 Manufactured and offered now famous Marilyn Monroe calendars.

1956 Awarded copyright by the US Library of Congress Copyright Office for commercial Teaser calendars.

1960 Integrated state-of-the-art, cutting edge IBM computer automation.

1974 A record number of new dealers joined the Kaeser & Blair family to earn extra money.

1980 Concept 80 Advertising was created beginning the highly profitable sub-dealer referral program.

1984 First Best Buys concept catalog produced.

1987 Introduced the Ultimate Marketing Vehicle - a mobile showroom of promotional products.

1988 Awarded as a Top 20 Distributor by ASI Counselor Magazine - have received this honor continuously every year since.

1990 Expanded and moved to present-day location in Batavia, Ohio.

1991 First Kaeser & Blair annual convention and family reunion held.

1994 Celebrated 100th anniversary and introduced Century Club to recognize and award top producers.

1996 First KTU (Kaeser Training University) dealer educational seminar, and Kurt Kaeser becomes president.

2000 Introduced cutting edge KaeserCentral dealer web site.

2005 Expanded Batavia facility again to keep up with business growth.

2015 With a vision and strategy for the future, the Kaesers and everyone at Kaeser & Blair, Inc. continue to use their knowledge and unique understanding of the business to ensure success of Kaeser and Blair, Inc and its independent business owners.